Story time - שיעור אנגלית

עד כמה אתם הקשבתם בשיעור אנגלית?
בואו להוכיח שאתם אלופים באנגלית!
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Story time - שיעור אנגלית


שליחה על ידי אורניום » 18 אוגוסט 2019, 19:10

שלום אנשימוס!
How are you?
מוכנים לשיעור?

תדמיינו שיכולתם בזמן חזרה אחורה,
לכל מקום וזמן שבא לכם.
ספרו לנו בסיפור באנגלית בלבד - English Only,
על המסע המיוחד והמסתורי שלכם חזרה בזמן!
- על הסיפור להיות בין 10 עד 15 שורות -

הסיפור הכי מקורי ומיוחד יזכה ב A+

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שליחה על ידי צוציחדשה » 18 אוגוסט 2019, 19:26

סורי אם לא כל התרגום נכון כי אני לא יודעת הרבה אנגלית...
I thought it would be very cool if I had a time machine.
And you won't believe what happened! I found a time machine!
I've seen lots of things that happened once ... even dinosaurs!
I saw my parents when they were kids,
I saw me when I was born,
I saw my brother when he was born,
And I saw lots of things!
Suddenly ... I suddenly woke up ...
And I realized that everything was a dream
But hey, it was a fun dream (:
חזרתי ובגדול!!!!!!

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שליחה על ידי אביהllאביה » 18 אוגוסט 2019, 19:53

May 14, 1948 - in Tel Aviv
 I woke up on a bench in a public garden. I didn't understand where I was and how I got there.
I looked at the clock, 3:50. All around me I saw busy, excited people. I didn't understand why.
I recognized that this is Tel Aviv, but not Tel Aviv that I know. From there it was ... different.
I was thirsty, and I saw in front of me a building - the Tel Aviv Museum. Sure there is a faucet there.
I went into the museum and started looking for a faucet. I walked through corridors and rooms, until
I walked into a huge hall, and I saw a long table with an important line of people sitting.
Wait, isn't it? David Ben Gurion? Isn't he already dead? How that makes any sense at all.
I looked around, and slowly I saw more familiar people from history. I realized I was back in time.
''boom''. A hammer pounded at the table. Suddenly all those present stand up, and begin the song of "Hope".
David Ben-Gurion began reading something out of pages. I realized he was reading the Declaration of Independence.
I took to the streets and saw people celebrating, dancing and singing. Shed a tear of excitement,
I witnessed the declaration of statehood, and the thirst passed away.
מחלון אחד הביטו שניים,
אחד ראה בוץ, שני ראה שמיים. ⁦⁦🌤️🌊

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שליחה על ידי ורודיXD » 18 אוגוסט 2019, 22:22

2006- 7 July
?Hey cleo!! Can you help me fix my boat-
!No way, Zane
!Zane! It's not funny
?!Rikki, you do that
..You know i gonna do all to see him angry-
?Ok.. Wanna join me
?Rikki, you have a license
?Are you my mama-
.Me, Emma and Rikki, Stuck in Mako Island
..Let's look around
?Hey, what's that-
!It's a cave-
!Come in
..Let's just swim from this pool-
-A day later-
Secretly a מנעלט

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שליחה על ידי HarleyQueen » 18 אוגוסט 2019, 23:44

Hi my name is John, I met myself in fifty years, Don't you believe? Come and tell you the full story I had a clog in the sink, checked the clog and ejected into a time worm that led me to 2069 it was amazing Hovering cars, even found life in another planet and even found some aliens! Anyway after hanging out there I caught myself! You may have been confused by everything but I did meet myself when I was 73 years old Today I am 23 years old And it was amazing, the tattoo in that silver tooth place ... I took pictures with him and found a way to go home,
See you in 2069


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